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Our Services

  1. Boost your speaking confidence: regular speaking sessions with native speakers will help you become comfortable and confident speaking a new language across a wide range of interesting topics.

  2. Tailored content: targeted content following discussion topics such as describing your culture, family, hometown, food, travel and more.

  3. Cultural Exchange: enrich your daily life by engaging with native speakers learning more about different cultures and sharing your own culture with your tutor.

  4. Qualified Native speakers: every teacher has a Masters' degree and teaching qualifications plus experience working overseas or with international students making them the perfect partner for you to learn and improve your language skills.

Free Consultation

Online Consultation

Book your free consultation and start your language journey.

Coffee Break English

Take Away Coffee

20 minute conversations in English at an affordable cost!

Beginner Chinese (HSK1 - HSK3)

Online Tutorial

Begin your Chinese journey with our introductory courses.

English IELTS

Happy Student

Boost your speaking confidence with our structured IELTs content.

China Connect

Eating Dim Sum

Connect with our network in China and find a language exchange partner.

Portuguese Travel Basics


Learn the basics to enhance your weekend away this summer.

Business English 

Business Conversation

Improve speaking confidence with tailored programs which cover aspects such as presenting to clients and buiness trips.

Young Learners (English)

Young kids

1-1 classes for children learning English helping them achieve academic success.

Spanish Corner

Tapas Restaurant

Beginner to intermediate Spanish classes with our instructors here in the UK.

Services: Services
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